About Caio


Where is it?

Caioa is a tiny village in one of the Vales of Dyfed at the southern tip of the Cambrian Mountains and next to the Brecon Beacons National Park.

It lies where Afon Annell and Nan Frena meet and is in-between Llandovery, Llandeilo and Lampeter

How to pronounce Caio

It is C-eye-oh


There is a a big Roman connection, with a Roman roadin the village (which was in use until the end of the 18th century). It linked the roman forts at Llandovery and Llanio and the Dolaucothi  Roman gold mines.

A local landowner in the 14 the century called Llywelyn ap Gruffydd Fychan had allegiance to Owain Glyndŵr and led to him being executed.

The village has a few hymnodists connections, Dafydd Jones was born in the area and John and Morgan Dafydd were also from the area.

The first chapel in the village was built in 1774.

The Dolaucothhis Estate is a tourist attraction owned by the National Trust

Pest control problems

I’ve been having awful problems with mice recently, been finding it really difficult to get rid of them. I got some good information about pest control from this site. It’s about London pest control but is still very relevant to the difficulties I’ve been having and I’ve tried many of the things that they’ve suggested.

I was hoping to catch the mice in a humane way but the humane traps that I bought and put out just didn’t seem to work, I was putting peanut butter inside them which I’ve read that mice like – apparently their love of cheese is a myth. But these mice seemed particularly choosy and didn’t touch the peanut butter. Maybe they didn’t like going inside a dark tunnel.

It seemed like I was going to be able to catch them alive, so I had to think about other ideas.

I couldn’t put poison down because I’ve got pets so I had to think about other kinds of traps.

I next tried the old-fashioned style mouse traps which I got from a shop in Llandovery and did manage to catch a few mice but the traps made a horrible mess of the mice and was really very unpleasant to come down into the morning. So, the next thing I decided to do was to get one of the electronic devices that was recommended on the website. I got it from Amazon. It wasn’t cheap but I reckoned it was worth a go. And think I was right because it’s been great so far. What you do is put bait inside this tunnel contraption. Then when the mouse goes in it is killed instantly by an electric shock. For me this is a much nicer way to go than the alternatives and I must admit it’s much nicer for me too because there wasn’t a horrible mess to clean up, you just tip the dead mouse into the bin or whatever you want to dispose of it in.

Hopefully the problem is sorted for now, but I might leave the contraption on for a while in case any mice decide to return, fingers crossed they won’t.